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About the Forum

Sparked by the African Union’s declaration in 2003 that the African Diaspora is the 6th region of Africa, the steering committee launched the Year of Return and Connections (YORC) that kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya July 7th, 2022. The YORC will culminate with the Global African Diaspora Forum (GADF) scheduled for July 4-7, 2023, at The Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.

The Global African Diaspora Forum will bring together Black leaders of NGO’s, government representatives, and activists to create and implement an agenda that centres the interests of Black people globally.  This will not just be a culmination of year-long activities, but a spark-point of a transformative future for Africa and Africans in the Diaspora, where real relationships are formed and kindled into a mutually beneficial partnership for another 20 years.

4th - 7th July 2023


  • Be part of the plenary sessions
  • Participate in sector-focused panel discussions
  • Attend private meetings and roundtable talks
  • Availability of countless opportunities to meet new partners
  • To gather Traditional and transformational insights about Africa

Who Attends?

The event will host hundreds of “thoughtful, iconoclastic doers” from around the world who share a common interest in practical solutions for reconnecting with their motherland; Africa on sustainable continental development and beyond.

Our vision is ambitious, which is nothing less than to reshape the entire way we think about Black philanthropy and Africa Development.

The conference will present information from subject matter experts, practitioners and those with lived experiences who have specifically designed solutions and interventions that centre the interests of Black people.

These solutions will be built on a global framework so we need representation from wherever Black people are in the world.


And Target Audience

  • Government
  • Charity Organizations
  • Technology Firms/Fintech
  • Political Luminaries
  • Influential individuals
  • Entrepreneurs (Business Owners, Inventors, Creatives, Advocators, Leaders, Educationists)
Target Audience

16-80 years

Attracting African Families

Belonging to the middle and upper-class societies traveling across the continent to visit Kenya

Attracting African Families

Living in the Diaspora seeking to
reconnect with their motherland

African Philanthropist Organizations

Seeking to invest and build Africa

Kenyan Nationals 56 M

A platform to showcase talents and initiatives within East Africa

Who is this for?

Charity Organizations
Political Luminaries
Influential Individuals


Here are photos from the Year of Return 2023 Launch Dinner held in Nairobi, Kenya

How it Works

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